Screen Monitor Software for Macintosh

The Application presented here allows you to Monitor Screen Changes on your Apple or Intel Macintosh easily. Now you can Monitor Pixel Color Change, Screen Text change with Optical Character Recognition, Barcode appearance on Screen, Appearance of animals (Cats and Dogs) on Screen and Face Detection on Screen. All the Screen Monitor Triggers mentioned earlier can be used to Trigger Actions like Speaking Text using Text to Voice Conversion, Activating a running Applicaton and moving it to desired Screen Location, etc. This Screen Monitor Software for Macintosh allows you to Monitor a pre-defined Screen Rectangular Area for various triggers and also allows you to Monitor Pixel Color at a pre-defined Screen Location. This Macintosh Application can be handy when you wish to Monitor your Screen be alerted when the change occurs.

Screen Monitor Software for Macintosh by displaying Screen Objects Detection Screen

Download Free Trial of this Screen Monitor Software on your Macintosh (running 10.15 or later) to run natively on Intel or Apple Architecture. Once Free Trial of the Application expires, you can pay USD 9.87 and use it for upto 3 Months on a Macintosh.

Features of Screen Monitor Software for Macintosh by

Given below are few of the features of this Screen Monitor Software for Macintosh. Yes, you can try this Application on your Macintosh or just read below to know what it can do and how it can be useful for Monitoring Screen Changes. You can also write to us by email in case you fees that any of the related feature is missing and if possible should be added to the application.

You can write to to report any issue with the Application, to suggest a new feature or anything else and get appropriate response as soon as possible, mostly within less than 24 hours on working days.

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