Mac Auto Mouse Click - Auto Mouse Clicker for Macintosh

The Software presented here is a small Mac Automation Utility. You do not need to know programming in order to use it. There is no need to have knowledge of complex scripting or anything else. This Mac Auto Clicker allows you to script Mouse Clicks. There are configurable Keyboard Shortcuts available in the software which can be of help when creating an automated script with selected Mouse Actions.

Screenshot of Mac Auto Mouse Click Software Utility

How To Download and Install Mac Auto Mouse Click

This is a Free to try Software and requires a Payment of USD 9.87 for usage of the Software for upto 6 Months on 1 Macintosh after free trial usage.

In order to try out this Mouse Automation Software for Mac, you would need a Mac running a recent or latest version of Macintosh Operating System.

Once your Mac fulfills the above installation requirement of having a Mac of version Mac OS X or newer version, you are ready to go. Download trial version of Mac Auto Mouse Click by either clicking on the download link mentioned in this sentence or right click on the Download link and click on save target.

Double Click on the downloaded zip file to extract the software installer package. Launch the Mac Auto Mouse Click package and follow onscreen prompts to install Mac Auto Mouse Click on your Mac OS X.

Video Tutorial of Mac Auto Mouse Click

A Video Tutorial of this Macintosh Software Application will popup after the installation is complete. You can Watch a Video Tutorial of this Macintosh Automation Utility right Now. This Video Tutorial of the Software has been recorded on Macintosh and apart from the Installation instructions, the same procedure applies to other Mac recent or latest version of Apple Macintosh Operating Systems. This Video Tutorial Display How you can Automate Left Mouse Click and Typing on your Macintosh.

Launch Mac Auto Mouse Click

Once the Installation is complete, open up Finder and Navigate to the Applications Folder. In the Applications folder, you will find an icon with the name Auto Mouse Click. Double Click on the Auto Mouse Click icon to launch it. You can optionally right click on the software icon in the dock and select the option to keep the Auto Mouse Click in dock for easy launching of the application. The setup package also opens up an information page which tells how you can locate and run the Mac Auto Mouse Click Software.

Mac Auto Mouse Click Basics

On a broad level, Mac Auto Mouse Click can be used to create a file which can store Mouse Clicks. The files created by Mac Auto Mouse Click software can be stored to desktop or to any other location using Finder, just like with any other software. Double Click on any of the saved file will open up the Mac Auto Mouse Click and will load the contents of the file in it.

How to Create Mouse Automation Script with Mac Auto Mouse Click Software

Given below steps briefly outline how you can use the software to automate clicking of mouse on your Mac. This software is all about clicking Mouse at pre-determined positions. For every Click added to the script using this software, you can define click type, click delay, comment to remember about click and whether you wish to reposition the mouse cursor back to the original position after the specified click has been simulated / automated.

How to Run or Play the Mouse Automation Script

There are two ways provided by the software to Play or Run the Mouse Clicking Script.The first option is to use the Start button on the Mac Auto Mouse Click Software Screen and the second option is to configure a Keyboard Shortcut Key to Start / Stop the Mouse Clicks automated by this Mac Auto Mouse Click Software.

You can simply click on the Start button from the software screen and the Mac Auto Mouse Click Software will start automation of Mouse Clicks as stored in the file. As of version 1.0 of Auto Mouse Click software, there is no stop button and hence depending on the Mouse Clicks added to the Script, you might have to wait before you can get control of your mouse cursor.

Second option is better and allows you to have full control over your Mouse Cursor. Select a Keyboard Shortcut to Start / Stop Mouse Clicking from the bottom of the software. This Keyboard Shortcut when pressed will run / play the Mouse Clicking Script and you can press this keyboard shortcut again to stop an existing running mouse script. Before Playing the Mouse Clicking using this Keyboard Shortcut, you can Minimize the Mac Auto Mouse Click Software to save Screen area and focus to the window on which you want the Mouse Clicks to be simulated.

What all this Mac Automation Software can do ?

This Macintosh Automation Software can basically automate mouse clicks at predefined locations. This Software can also type sentences like an Macintosh Auto Typer. Given below types of Mouse Clicks can be automated with this Mac Automation Software Application. Configurable Keyboard Shortcut Keys allow you to define your own Shortcut key to get Mouse Cursor Location and to Start and Stop Automatic Mouse Clicking & Automatic Typing on a Macintosh.

Screenshot of Mouse Click Types and Automatic Typing Selection from Macintsoh Automation Software

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